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Simply perfect!!! Such are the PERFECT MATT tights, which were created as a collab of Gabriella brand with SABLEWSKA brand.

Extremely elastic tights with a thickness of 15 den made of innovative Lycra® Xtra Life TM fiber with increased resistance to stretching. Very soft and velvety to the touch, thanks to the delicate, yet compact fiber structure.

They fit perfectly to the body, do not press, do not restrict movement, providing excellent wearing comfort.

PERFECT MATT tights are literally unbreakable! You can be sure that they will never let you down and you will not have to worry about either pulling or unsightly eyelets.

The tight, velvety structure of the knit fabric makes the tights perfectly adhere to the leg, creating a second-skin effect on it, while not causing unpleasant pressure.

Three natural nude shades will match your complexion so that they are barely visible on the leg, like a perfect foundation matched to your complexion. Classic black is a must-have for any elegant styling. PERFECT MATT tights will work in any situation, and you will want to have more than one pair.

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