Creative industry is nothing but a combination of entrepreneurship and creativity, technology with resourcefulness. We are a leader in the hosiery sector in Poland precisely because we are innovative, because we are a fine company from Lodz.

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Lodz Tights are an expression of love for Lodz, its textile past, and women who created it.

The design on the tights includes the most representative landmarks of Lodz: the gate of the former Izrael Poznanski’s factory, Tadeusz Kosciuszko standing proudly on a plinth in the middle of the Freedom Square, old factories and chimneys – symbol of the city’s might. All this is made in Lodz, of course, with the use of highest quality materials and technology.

Perfect Christmas gift for any woman from Lodz (not necessarily a textile worker).

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How were Lodz Tights created?

Our two biggest loves are women and Lodz – our hometown.

How can we show it on tights? We know this sector, but still, it was not easy.

Design department had a long fight with the production department as everything had to be honed to perfection.

After countless trials, we succeeded – we proudly present you
the Tights from the City of Lodz!

Lodz region is a true center of hosiery business. Each year, over 120 million pairs of tights are manufactured here. We have created for you the "Lodz Tights" which are an expression of our love for Lodz, its textile past, and women who created it.

The process of the creation of tights is extremely complex. It begins with a huge spool of white thread and ends with tights of different sizes, colors, and designs in attractive packaging. Lodz Tights were a challenge for us. How can we reflect the city’s nature and textile identity on tights? Thanks to the joint forces of the creative and production departments, we deliver to the women of Lodz an extraordinary product.

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