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These women’s cotton socks with dots in a contrasting colour and a decorative mesh frill at the top adorn the legs with an expressive girlish detail. The pressure free welt keeps the socks in place. Cotton socks by Gabriella are distinguished by the delicate connection between the toe and the body portion instead of stitches, which translates into much greater comfort of use than with a regular seam.


dotted socks

cotton socks

socks with a decorative frill


Thanks to their design, these women’s cotton socks with a decorative mesh welt go well not only with sports shoes and everyday outfits, but also with high heels. The subtle reinforced heel and toe make the socks durable and comfortable. The elastic welt does not pinch and keeps these women’s socks in place.


These women’s cotton socks are made of stretchy knitted fabric that adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot, protects it from chafing and is pressure free. The women’s cotton socks from Gabriella’s collection are available in two colour versions: white socks with blue dots (bianco/blue) and white socks with coral dots (bianco/coral).


 Women’s cotton socks with a super-feminine look? This is the model for you!


women’s cotton socks

patterned socks

cotton socks

elastic yarns

reinforced toe and heel

67% Cotton, 31% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

made in Łódź

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