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These thin black tights with an eye-catching colourful cherry pattern embroidered right above the ankle are an accessory that will appeal to ladies who keep up with fashion trends. The red cherries with green leaves are knitted, so the pattern will last and the colours will remain intense. The polka dot tights Cherry will be the most striking element of your fashionable outfit.


✔ black tights with colourful cherries

✔ 20 denier tights

✔ sheer to waist

✔ fashionable pattern


The tights Cherry catch the eye with their striking colourful cherry pattern right above the ankle, leaving the rest of the leg plain. Sheer-to-waist, with invisible reinforced toe and flat seam cotton gusset, these thin tights ensure high comfort of use. Thanks to their flat seam, the thin tights with their colourful cherry pattern do not show through clothing, even tight one. The invisible reinforced toe makes these fashionable tights more resistant to damage, even though they are thin.

Thanks to its fine, dense structure, the yarn used for this women’s tights model, double-covered with polyamide silk, is very soft and velvety to the touch while making the fine dot tights more durable and ladder-resistant. Having 20 denier, these thin black tights with a colourful cherry pattern wrap the legs in a soft, nice to the touch knit. The patterned tights are available in classic black with cherries in intense colours (nero).


Mode tips:
 The tights Cherry will catch the eye with their colourful cherries above the ankle! Combine them with a plain dress to make them the highlight of your outfit.



✔ patterned tights
✔ cherry tights
✔ 20 denier tights
✔ elastic yarns
✔ small cotton gusset
✔ sheer to waist
✔ sheer toe
✔ 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
✔ made in Łódź

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