Privacy policy

Privacy Policy and personal data protection

  1. Gabriella – Shops Sebastian Krajda, ul. Brukowa 13, 91-341 Łódź, Tax ID No 9471981367 is the Data Administrator in the Shop.
  2. You can contact the Online Shop via e-mail at or by phone at 537-515-150.
  3. The Shop uses technical and organisational measures for the purpose of protecting the privacy of its Users.
  4. The Shop shall ensure that the level of protection of the personal data it processes is appropriate to possible threats and the category of data being processed. In particular, the Shop shall protect data from being shared with unauthorised persons, theft, unauthorised processing, damage or destruction.
  5. The Shop enables Users to control what personal data is being processed and to whom it can be transferred, and maintains a list of persons authorised to process data.
  6. By making an account on the Shop’s website or by placing an order, Users give their separate, express consent to their personal data being processed. In other cases, it shall be permissible for the Shop to process data when it is required to perform rights or obligations arising from an agreement or for the purpose of legitimate interest pursued by the Shop.
  7. The Shop maintains a set of personal data designated “Set of Personal Data processed by the Shop”, which has been reported to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. The set contains the following data: names, surnames, addresses, contact data (phone, e-mail), IP addresses, Tax ID numbers. The above information shall be given or shared by Users at the time of registration or placing an order without registering at the Shop’s website.
  8. The Administrator shall adapt its actions related to personal data protection to the new provisions which enter into force on 25 May 2018.
  9. Data shared by Users shall be used for the following purposes:
    a) proper fulfilment by the Shop of obligations arising from agreements (handling orders),
    b) proper carrying out of other actions necessary to perform agreements (booking, contacting customers),
    c) pursuing legitimate interests, i.e. business activity claims.
  10. The Administrator shall have the right to disclose personal data to authorised entities exclusively, pursuant to the relevant provisions of law and the provisions of the Terms of Use.
  11. Personal data and information contained in forms shall be used by the Administrator to conclude, alter and terminate agreements with Customers, and to ensure the highest quality of services offered. For this purpose, the Administrator Shall process the following data: names and surnames, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, tax ID numbers.
  12. Sharing this data shall be voluntary. Customers shall have the right to alter, delete, transfer, restrict or protest against the processing of data.
  13. Data shall be used for the purpose of concluding agreements, complaints, terminating agreements, for as long as the User uses the Shop. Data shall be archived for 5 years from the moment of placing the first order, pursuant to the above-mentioned right to be forgotten, i.e. to data deletion. Customers can demand that their data be deleted by e-mail. The administrator shall then delete the data from the database without delay.
  14. At the User’s request, the Shop shall inform him or her about his or her rights. This information may be given in written form.
  15. Upon the User’s consent, personal data may be shared with third parties if such sharing is justified by the nature of the service, and provided that its purpose is to enable the Shop to properly carry out its tasks.
  16. Electronic communication between the User’s hardware and the Shop during personal data collection shall be encrypted (SSL). Databases shall be secured against unauthorised access by third parties.
  17. Users have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority – Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych UODO (Personal Data Protection Authority) (before 25 May 2018 – Inspector General for Personal Data Protection) – ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.
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