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The diaphanous knitted anti-chafing panties protect the inner thighs. The panties’ long legs prevent chafing of thighs and make their upper part look slimmer. The non-pressure wide waistband keeps these high-waisted panties under the bra line for a subtle slimming of the tummy and waist. These long leg panties combine the best qualities of diaphanous underwear and anti-chafing thigh bands for warmer days.

✔ anti-chafing panties
 elastic yarn
✔ non-pressure elastic waistband
as an alternative to an anti-chafing thigh band

These knitted panties are an accessory by Gabriella inspired by the bestselling design of anti-chafing thigh bands and high waist tights. The special pressure free elastic waistband and leg welts keep the underwear in place. The long legs prevent thigh chafing.

These panties preventing thigh chafing are made of the elastic Lycra Xceptionelle yarn that wraps around the body with a slimming effect and



✔ underwear to prevent thigh chafing
✔ functional underwear
✔ elastic yarn
✔ non-pressure elastic waistband
✔ flat seam
✔ long leg to prevent thigh chafing
✔ 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
✔ made in Łódź
✔ as an alternative to an anti-chafing thigh band


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